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How To Design Your Wedding

How To Design Your Wedding

Designing your own signature, tailor made wedding at “Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara” has never been easier.

In today’s viral world, along with the rapid advancement of technolgy has significantly increased the choices users have available at their disposal whether they are searching on the internet or apps.

The weddingandholiday website was designed by our E-Commerce manager, Mr Ali Özdemir, who identified the complex nature of other like-minded websites which tended to be confusing and tedious to navigate. Our website is quintessentially user friendly, easy to navigate, uncomplicated and not surprisingly an enjoyable experience which instils confidence from the very early stages of the journey with our intended wedding couples.

The engaging and pleasurable experience on our website allows our prospective wedding couples the freedom to make their own choices and tailor make or design their bespoke dream wedding to their specifications. The abundant options range form the ceremony/ reception venues, table decorations, colour schemes, the wedding cake, firework displays, stretch limousine service and countless other additional options to choose from.

On receiving each completed wedding plan, the Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara wedding team makes contact with our prospective bride & groom. This immediately puts our couples at ease and forms the mutual bond from the very outset of our journey together until the day our bride & groom arrive at the Liberty Hotels Lara.

The relationship between ourselves and our couples has been compared to being a ‘part of a family’ or a life long friend, hence the Liberty Hotels Lara slogan, “Time to build Friendships”. It is true to say, over the last 2 years many lasting friendships have been forged in this manner and we are happy to say continues to this very day.

You may ask, what is secret of Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara’s success? The answer is quite simple, at Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara, we put our couples before all else and more importantly we listen to our couples.

We prefer to avoid using clichés at Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara, however it is not rocket science as we genuinely want their special day to be everything they have dreamed of and more. We are committed in going over and beyond the call of duty to ensure our bride & grooms wedding ceremony/reception is both memorable and unforgettable.

We can guess what you are silently thinking to yourselves .”this is too good to be true and there must be a catch somewhere”. If truth be said, we would most probably be thinking the same thing, however it’s true, at Weddings in Antalya there is no catch as our couples have kindly attested to by posting their reviews on credible social media platforms and forums such as Trip Advisor.

Experience for yourself at first hand our weddingandholidays website and design the wedding of your dreams.

You can read about the many reviews our wedding couples posted on Trip Advisor or on our Testimonials tab.

Meet the Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara wedding team – Always at your service and disposal.

In the UK, USA, Canada, Europe & Australia wedding planners are seen as a luxury, but for a wedding abroad they are essential! The right wedding planner will have excellent local knowledge, established relationships with local suppliers and importantly, be able to speak the local language.

At Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara, our team of dedicated, devoted wedding planners, who possess an excellent command of the English language as well as numerous other languages including French, German and Farsi.

Between them, they have many years experience working in the United Kingdom, USA, Canada and a host of other countries.

At Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara, it is vitally important we remain transparent and forthright whilst enjoying a healthy and jovial dialogue with all of our couples because ultimately we want our couples to feel they are a part of our family.

At Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara, our couples receive from us our undivided attention ensuring we deliver a personal service experience of the highest calibre.

We contact our couples on a regular basis keeping them updated with any new developments, answering any questions and providing them with further assistance to their wedding plans and arrangements.

We are certain you are familiar with the saying ‘working with your heart rather than with your head’, which is a very rare commodity these days. This is another string in Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara’s bow’s repertoire of attributes acknowledged and recognised by our wedding couples.

The best way to sum up Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara’s unique service qualities and professional expertise, is something like this. When we recieve the completed wedding plan, think of it as a blank canvas’, we just apply the finishing touches and the end product is a ‘masterpiece bespoke wedding’.