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“Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara” - we turn your dream wedding into reality.

Stylish & elegant bespoke weddings at affordable prices.

“Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara”, invites you to experience stylish, elegant, custom designed weddings in the serene Mediterranean destination of Antalya.

With expert assistance from our team of experienced, dedicated wedding planners, we turn your dreams into reality by creating affordable, bespoke weddings that are unique to you; designing impeccable, once in a lifetime events that are tailored to your wishes and specifications.

You will find out more about the Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara blogs ‘Unique Selling Points’ and most essentially what sets us a part form the hundreds of blogs and wedding websites that are already out there?

By "telling it how it is" in the format of a story or journey, the Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara blog also identifies any possible obstacles one may encounter and how these obstacles can be best overcome.

Organising and planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful, complex, and expensive venture two people can undertake. The Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara blog will explain in simple terms how straightforward it is to get married in an oversea’s destination.

Hosting and staging weddings in most exotic Faraway destinations, United Kingdom, Europe & North America are fast becoming exorbitantly expensive and out of reach for most couples budgets. At Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara, we have identified there is a need to offer an alternative affordable stylish, talior-made weddings without compromising on our integrity, quality or service.

There are so many advantages by getting married in an overseas’s destination. The weather is the first thing that comes to mind, we are blessed with over 300 days of sunshine and there is a distinctive romantic quality being married in a Mediterranean setting.

At Weddings in Antalya by Liberty Hotels Lara, our research has shown the average UK wedding costs a staggering £24,000. Given the high costs and unpredictable British weather, it’s no wonder 1 in 5 couples will choose to get married abroad. With the average cost of a wedding abroad sitting at just £6,500 there is serious money to be saved.

Just imagine the stunning wedding photographs as you proudly turn each page of your photo album standing with your partner gazing longingly into each others eyes on our impressive pier or on our golden sandy beach, set against a spectacular backdrop of unrivalled scenic beauty as the glorious sunshine gives way to a mesmerising sunset capturing those priceless, everlasting moments.